Why Us

Before choosing the services of a corporate Law Firm, take the time to carefully compare and evaluate its professional advantages. This is one of the most important decisions you'll make, so it deserves thoughtful consideration.

As you will easily acknowledge, Kamunda Njue offers an impressive array of advantages that benefits its clients and protects their interests. Here are some of our most significant advantages, which position our firm as an undisputed leader in the provision of legal services.

Vast in-depth knowledge and expertise.
Being aware of the quest for excellence in the complex, ever-changing environment in which we operate, we constantly strive to improve our professional competence and performance. Our uncompromised ambition is the foundation of our professional practice.

Versatile specialization.
Our suite of specialization areas is second to none, transcending the ordinary corporate law practice.

High client loyalty.
Partnering with them on a long term basis, most of our clients become almost family members. We take great pride in our clients' loyalty and trust, doing all our best to prove that they have made the right decision.

International local focus.
With strong roots in the Kenyan legal system and market, Kamunda Njue offers unprecedented quality services to its International clients. We not only represent local clients abroad, we also represent and protect the best interests of foreign companies and businessmen in Kenya.

Understanding and adaptation.
Kamunda Njue's partners always strive to fully understand our clients' needs, objectives and vision. This is a fundamental condition for any service we provide. Moreover, we continually review and adapt our working processes and solutions to the specific requirements of our clients.

Rigorous follow up.
Monitoring the changes and developments in the local, regional and International laws, we constantly and vigorously analyze the impact these changes may have on our clients interests. This followup-update process is priceless for our clients.

Organizational structure.
The partner/associate ratio is carefully weighted in order to enable direct partner involvement and supervision.
This way we ensure that we are responsive and alert to our clients' needs.

Proven methodology.
Kamunda Njue always matches partner expertise and competence with client accessibility, to ensure that work is handled at the highest possible level of service. The more complex assignments are handled by the partners, while routine matters are handled by associates. The continuous and thorough associates and paralegal supervision is done partners.

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