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Kamunda Njue & Company Advocates (hereinafter called “the firm”) is a full service law firm that constitutes of several advocates, legal consultants and a number of paralegal and administrative staff. The firm was established in January 2010 combining experience with youthful energy to ensure efficient and up-to-date representation for every corporate and individual client. The operating policy of the firm is employing all the youthful energy as exhibited by the young associate and the principal who is young energetic with experience to work in a team and lead a group of youthful advocates and support staff. The vision of the firm is to grow while providing to its clients satisfactory professional and personalized services. We embrace competition and timeliness.

Practice Areas

We offer services covering and not limited to the following areas of law

Kamunda Njue Advocates

General civil litigation

The firm’s experience is gained and achieved through working of partners in various other law firms and working for clients in the firm in general civil and commercial litigation involving representation in various courts as well as advice to diverse corporate and individual clients in suits relating to inter alia, banking, insurance, debt collection, real property and succession.

Corporate and Commercial

The firm has in-depth experience in various aspects of commerce and Enterprise. We have acted in and advised on the incorporation of local and foreign companies, setting up of trusts and offshore trade, mergers and acquisitions and in asset acquisitions and disposal.

Constitutional, Human Rights and Election disputes

The firm has previously and currently been engaged in the various constitutional, Human Rights and Elections disputes and petitions ranging from breach of constitution, abuse of private and public human rights to political party nomination disputes and general election disputes in form of election petitions.

Kamunda Njue Advocates

Debt collection, Security Enforcement and Realization

Realizing the importance of saving time and money for its clients, the firm has developed effective debt collection strategies that ensure the speedy recovery of debts obviating the need to go to court. We have also regularly been involved in proceedings for the enforcement and realization of security and defending injunctions and tactics normally utilized by debtors to avoid and/or delay payments of debts.

Defamation Matters.

The partners have fast experience in defending and prosecuting successfully defamation matters. The principle has defended the three major media houses, to wit Nation Media Group, The Standard Group and Royal Media Services while working for Mohammed Muigai & Company Advocates and Mwaniki Gachoka & Company Advocates respectively. The vast experience into the firm has exposed the partners into a competitive legal process in a field that is not a common practice in litigation.

Conveyance and Leasing

The firm has vast experience in conveyancing and serves both vendors and purchasers in the acquisition and disposal of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties, and for property owners and developers in drafting and negotiating leases and or including negotiating surrender of leases.

Finance, Banking and Insurance Law

The principal has over the years acted for clients and advised them in areas of banking and finance. All the Advocates also have an extensive experience in prosecuting and defending insurance claims. In addition, the principal has invaluable courtroom experience and out-of-court negotiation skills gained over the years while handling insurance claims for and in certain cases against several large insurance companies.

Employment and Labour

The firm has severally handled employment related disputes, and on various occasions has assisted clients handle their employment matter both in court and through amicable out-of-court settlement.

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More Services

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Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

The firm has engaged in various ADR and Arbitration proceedings. The principal has a rich experience in Arbitration and has received training in Alternative Dispute Resolution with the peace-maker Ministries, a professional Arbitration body incorporated in the USA. In addition, he has represented clients in various ADR cases.

Land and Environmental law

The firm handled various land matters involving boundary disputes, ownership and transfer of land, possession and repossession and sale of land. It has also handled disputes and suits under and emanating from both breach and implementation of environmental law. Both partners have represented clients in matters relating to land and environment, both before courts and before other land tribunals, and has become very well versed with all the laws relating to property in land in the Kenyan jurisdiction and environmental law.

Intellectual Property law

The firm has handled various issues that deal with the protection of intellectual property, including the registration of trademarks, patents and copyright. It is also well positioned to deal with any infringement of intellectual property rights.

Personal Law, Probate and Administration and Customary law.

The firm has handled numerous matters on establishment of trusts, estate management and distribution, succession, inheritance, probate and administration (including drawing wills). Both partners have also personally handled many children’s matters as well as matters relating to marriage, divorce and separation.

Criminal Justice

Equally, the firm has as vast experience in criminal matters and has represented many clients facing criminal charges both paying clients and pro-bono briefs as part of the firm’s corporate-social responsibility. The firm has also engaged in criminal matters on behalf of victims of crime, both corporate and individuals. The principal has occasionally worked with legal service providers like NGOs to provide pro-bono services from his days in law school, including Legal Resources Foundation and International Commission of Jurists. Collectively the firm has handled several criminal matters including and not limited to defending clients leading to acquittals on full trials and in criminal appeals. Further, the firm has also participated in criminal investigations and worked with the prosecution counsels on matters entailing victim protection and watching briefs, both at individual and corporate levels, with positive outcomes where accused persons have been found guilty and consequently sentenced respectively.

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Daniel Kamunda

Daniel Njue Kamunda

Managing Partner

Daniel is a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) Graduate of the University of Nairobi and has extensive litigation experience. He is a young and energetic advocate ready to go and is experienced in all the areas of law listed above in which the firm engages.

Roger Garfield

Andrew M. Kamunda


Andrew graduated with a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of Nairobi in the year 2013. He has worked in the firm since the year 2016 and previously with the Judiciary of Kenya, mentored by Advocates of seniority and members of the bench with great repute. Andrew has so far gained work experience through practice in the firm as an Associate.